Things to do in Asuncion when you visit El Viajero Asunción Hostel & Suites

Mercado 4

Want to see the typical and local Asunción? visit Mercado 4. It is a huge and colorful street market, where you can find everything, from fruits, wild animals, electronics, local food to “brand” clothes as Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, etc

It is only 20 minutes by bus from the Hostel and it is ideal if you want to get out from the touristic track

mercado 4


Located 30 km away from Asunción, this colonial town is ideal for the weekends, when the city center gets really calm.

This town is famous for two things: one is the  is the variety of pottery handcraft made by the artisans exhibited in the main street, and other is the production of strawberries.


Areguá is also the is the home of the art vanguardists of the country, so while walking around the city you will find lots of atteliers.


Don´t miss its beatiful church and the railway station, two jewels.


hostel aregua



Casa de la independencia (free activity)

This house is where the paraguayan independence form the spanish crown was signed the 14th may of 1811. It is really well preserved and inside is like a travel to the past, you can found the rooms decorated with the furniture of that time you can see also some art and clothes.

Only four blocks from the Hostel


asuncion activities



Museo del Barro


Boat Trip in Asunción Bay

This our featured activity!! departing from the port, you catch a boat for only 2 dollars, and you have the chance to watch the city from the bay. The boat goes to Chaco´í a tiny town in front of asuncion, with no cars, noises, only nature.

The port is 6 blocks from the Hostel and the boats departs every 30 minutes.

bahia asuncion

Plaza Uruguaya and the Railway Station Museum





 Cabildo (free activity)


cabildo of asuncion

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